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Grow your business with Notarize Academy

Notarize Academy is a free suite of digital trainings to help you understand how to use technology to help people buy and sell homes online.


Video Training Courses


For Title Agents

Learn how RON works
and how to prepare your signers for an online closing. 

RON 101

Product Training


For Loan Officers

Learn how to use RON to win more business and close more customers, faster.

RON Closings

Hybrid Closings

For Business Partners

Learn how Notarize and RON will help you improve your business continuity.

Product Training


What you'll get from Notarize  Academy



Learn how to implement remote online notarization (RON) at your company


Understand the legality of RON in your state


Get a demo of Notarize, so you can complete your first online closing soon


Learn how to prepare your signers to use Notarize and what to expect from an online closing

Why is remote online notarization the future of real estate closings?

Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, famously said that your smartphone will soon be the keys to your front door. The 9am-5pm closing window can't be the status quo. Remote online notarization (RON) empowers anyone to close on their home 100% online. RON is making home buying safe and more convenient.

Start offering online
closings today.
Enroll in the Title Agent Course   Enroll in the Loan Officer Course