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How It Works 



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Notarize Anywhere, Anytime

Instant access to a best-in-class, fully compliant, industry-leading remote online notarization experience with first and third-party notaries who can notarize documents for acceptance in all 50 states, 24/7, 365 days a year.Turning visitors into leads.


Increase Security, Decrease Fraud Risk

Notarize has pioneered Remote Online Notarization technology. It's both a safe and secure method to verify identities and notarize documents—invoking enterprise-grade security, next-generation ID verification, multi-factor authentication, credential analysis, and a full audit trail to prevent fraud.


Shorter Timelines, Sustainable Processes

Digitizing notarizations via a two-way video call removes the need to schedule in-person meetings or travel, and reduces transactions that once took days or even weeks down to mere minutes. It also reduces spend, removes stacks of paper from the process, eliminates errors, introduces process tracking, and increases customer satisfaction.



Made for the Way You Work 

Whether you have your own notaries, or would need to utilize our network of notaries, enjoy the same Adobe Sign/Notarize experience.

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Notarize and Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration FAQs



Get the Guide 

Download our guide to learn how new laws, technologies and consumer demand are reshaping the notarial act in the digital age.

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