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Jennifer Gustavson

Are Biometrics the Answer to Mobile Payments?

The concept of biometric authentication sounds like something from Mission Impossible: retina scans and finger touchpads on steel doors hiding nuclear reactors. But surprisingly, this technology is becoming ubiquitous for everyday people.

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What Is a Hybrid eClosing?

In-person closings are to 2022 what fax machines were to 2010. Sitting in an office to ink-sign a giant stack of papers when so many processes in our life have gone fully digital can feel archaic — or just totally baffling.

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How Startups Are Changing the Auto Industry

As we find ourselves in an age that's dependent on technology, the modern consumer has more ways to shop than ever before. Each step of the buying process — from discovery to research and beyond — is supported by more data and innovative, online buying experiences.  

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Are Digital Wallets Secure?

When was the last time you whipped out your checkbook to pay for something? Like many people in 2022, the odds are you may write one check per month: to your landlord. The world of money is constantly changing, and so are the ways in which we use it. From the big box store to the corner store, you don’t need a wallet or even a physical credit card to pay for services or items. With a smartphone and digital wallet set up, you can just tap. Digital wallets have become ubiquitous — that’s why it’s important to understand what they are, how they work and some of their pros and cons. 

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Is Technology Going to Fully Replace Paper Money?

New payment technology is putting the squeeze on paper money. Debates are raging about a new proposal from the Federal Reserve about a central bank digital currency (CBDC). It’s an important concept to discuss as fewer and fewer transactions each month involve paper money and more people are turning to payment innovations like cryptocurrencies and mobile payments.

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Digitizing the Car Buying Experience From Start to Finish

Most car buying experiences start with either necessity or curiosity — consumers need to replace the car they’ve been driving for way too long, or they’ve done the number-crunching and are curious about a vehicle upgrade. In the old car-buying world, their first step would typically be some light research or crowdsourcing suggestions from friends and family.

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What Law Firms Need to Know About Cybersecurity

To most people, the documents on a lawyer’s laptop wouldn’t exactly make for riveting reading material. But if you’re a hacker, it’s a different story. Law firms are the perfect target for clandestine dabbling in insider trading, intellectual property theft, trade secrets, and more. For cybercriminals who want the upper hand in lawsuits or negotiations, or simply a bit of ransom money, a lawyer’s hard drive can be gold.

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Are Big Banks Missing Out on Small Business Loans?

Big banks are in the liability business. They want to minimize risk on investments and, historically, have been apprehensive about lending to small companies, which tend to be less profitable and higher risk than more established businesses. Essentially, big banks don’t need to lend to small businesses to survive and are also beholden to stricter regulations on lending, making them more wary of approving loan applications for new home-grown businesses or mom-and-pop shops with less established flows of revenue.

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Depositions

A deposition is an important way to gather evidence for a trial. So important, that during the pandemic lockdown, witnesses were asked to provide their testimony virtually in order to keep cases moving when people couldn’t meet in person. In fact, at the height of the pandemic, it is estimated that 90% of depositions were online.

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How Car Dealerships Are Utilizing Virtual Reality

When it comes to car buying and selling, the future is virtual, but the profits are very real. Silicon Valley has had an indelible effect on global commerce since the onset of the Internet. With the latest buzz around virtual and augmented reality, and the potentialities of the metaverse, it’s time to look at how virtual reality is bringing changes to the car buying market.

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