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New Study: eClosing Increases ROI for Lenders and Title Agents

A full eClosing occurs when all closing documents are electronically signed and notarized online; including the eNote and security instrument. There are variations such as hybrid eClosings, where only certain parts of the lending process are brought online. Based on a recent study of Notarize customers conducted by MarketWise, implementing eClosings (whether hybrid or full) has shown the most impact on ROI for lenders —  saving them time and improving loan quality and customer satisfaction.

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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Lawyers and Their Clients

Technology is a growing part of the legal industry. Millions are being spent each year on new client databases, efficient automated processes and technology to help lawyers better analyze, communicate and prepare cases. Digital transformation in law firms is bringing new innovation, which is not only saving legal firms money and time, it’s increasing their accuracy and effectiveness, helping them win cases and improve their client relationships.

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Is Technology Going to Fully Replace Paper Money?

New payment technology is putting the squeeze on paper money. Debates are raging about a new proposal from the Federal Reserve about a central bank digital currency (CBDC). It’s an important concept to discuss as fewer and fewer transactions each month involve paper money and more people are turning to payment innovations like cryptocurrencies and mobile payments.

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The Types of Technology All Businesses Need in 2022

Investing in the right technologies is vital to the long-term health of your business. Technology offers a solution for everything these days, and choosing the right vendor can accelerate your growth, delight your customers and build trust in your brand with unrivaled speed and precision.

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The One Thing Consumers of All Industries Demand

Every industry has a different way of selling their products or services, but there’s one thing that consumers of all industries now demand: digital offerings.

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How To Facilitate Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a term that has been thrown around quite a bit in the last few years. But what does it mean? Is it actually tangible? How do you facilitate it? And most importantly — at what point is digital transformation complete? Here’s a short guide to define what it is and how you can achieve it.

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Digitizing the Car Buying Experience From Start to Finish

Most car buying experiences start with either necessity or curiosity — consumers need to replace the car they’ve been driving for way too long, or they’ve done the number-crunching and are curious about a vehicle upgrade. In the old car-buying world, their first step would typically be some light research or crowdsourcing suggestions from friends and family.

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Electronic Document Signing in Real Estate: What Agents Need to Know

The average mortgage closing requires an enormous amount of signatures from buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, and more. In California, the typical mortgage closing requires 108 signatures and initials from buyers and a whopping 136 from sellers. In addition to the many documents that need to be signed to close on a mortgage, there are also typically 8-12 “notarial acts” - documents that must be signed in front of a notary. Add to that all of the signatures that agents and homebuyers must go through in order to place an offer, accept an over, provide a deposit and plan the closing — in short, it adds up fast.

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What Law Firms Need to Know About Cybersecurity

To most people, the documents on a lawyer’s laptop wouldn’t exactly make for riveting reading material. But if you’re a hacker, it’s a different story. Law firms are the perfect target for clandestine dabbling in insider trading, intellectual property theft, trade secrets, and more. For cybercriminals who want the upper hand in lawsuits or negotiations, or simply a bit of ransom money, a lawyer’s hard drive can be gold.

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Are Big Banks Missing Out on Small Business Loans?

Big banks are in the liability business. They want to minimize risk on investments and, historically, have been apprehensive about lending to small companies, which tend to be less profitable and higher risk than more established businesses. Essentially, big banks don’t need to lend to small businesses to survive and are also beholden to stricter regulations on lending, making them more wary of approving loan applications for new home-grown businesses or mom-and-pop shops with less established flows of revenue.

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