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Data Privacy Week: Why It Matters to Notarize

Data Privacy Day, January 28th, is an international event to raise awareness and promote best practices for data privacy and protection. Starting this year, the U.S. has extended the day to a weeklong event — Data Privacy Week.

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Detecting and Deterring Mortgage Fraud in an Online Era

A recent report indicates that fraud cost mortgage lenders one third more in January 2022 than it did in 2019. For every dollar lost through fraud, lenders actually lose $4.40, a higher expense than the $3.30 number in 2019. But fraud costs lenders in more than just lost funds. Lenders lose valuable time recouping losses, and can lose customer trust as well.

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Depositions

A deposition is an important way to gather evidence for a trial. So important, that during the pandemic lockdown, witnesses were asked to provide their testimony virtually in order to keep cases moving when people couldn’t meet in person. In fact, at the height of the pandemic, it is estimated that 90% of depositions were online.

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How Car Dealerships Are Utilizing Virtual Reality

When it comes to car buying and selling, the future is virtual, but the profits are very real. Silicon Valley has had an indelible effect on global commerce since the onset of the Internet. With the latest buzz around virtual and augmented reality, and the potentialities of the metaverse, it’s time to look at how virtual reality is bringing changes to the car buying market.

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LegalTech Companies Are Changing How Law Firms Work

LegalTech has been a promising industry for some time now — but for years, it has failed to be the disruptive force that FinTech has been for the financial industry. The failure to capitalize has a lot to do with the legal profession itself, which is known for being traditional, risk-averse, and overwhelmingly committed to the very basics.

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How to Keep Real Estate Transactions Secure

In Q4 2021, mortgage debt reached more than $10 trillion. That’s a lot of money changing hands on a monthly basis as people pay off their loans. And if you’ve ever bought a house, you know that in addition to handing over a large sum of money, you also need to hand over a vast amount of personal information. And in addition to money, cybercriminals are increasingly interested in data. Stolen information like social security numbers, credit histories and account numbers are extremely valuable, as they can be used to steal people’s identities, open fake accounts and much more.

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Are Online Car Marketplaces a Covid Fad?

The auto sales industry has experienced a turbulent last two years.  With a business model based overwhelmingly on in-person interactions — from perusing stock at dealerships to test-driving a vehicle and signing a contract —  physical car marketplaces suffered devastating blows when the pandemic shuttered the operability of dealerships.

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Future-Proofing Wealth Management: Top Trends for 2022

Financial services technology (FinTech) is rapidly transforming wealth management firms into digital enterprises. In Q3 2021, BCG reported that the FinTech sector saw a 173% increase in spending compared to the same quarter one year earlier.

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Alliance Virtual Offices & Notarize: Empowering Small Business Owners

The modern office has come a long way in a short period of time. Traditional offices once shaped our understanding of community and culture. It’s remarkable how quickly the remote, flexible work environment has taken its place.

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Top Digital Trends in Real Estate for 2022

The real estate industry is experiencing drastic changes propelled by a pandemic-induced phenomenon that many industries are grappling with: the major acceleration of technology brought on by the necessity to do business remotely.

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