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A Guide to Digital Transaction Management

An Essential Overview to Digitize, Manage, and Automate Paper Documents

Companies are winning billions in new business by moving from manual to digital transactions. In this new eBook, learn how Digital Transaction Management (DTM) will fuel your business strategy, deliver a stellar experience, and free you from paper.

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What You'll Learn

An Introduction to DTM

Paper-based processes cost your business 1-2% of its annual revenue. Hear how digital transactions will maximize your company's time and money.

Gain Efficiencies, Stay Compliant

Yes, you can have both. Increase the speed, simplicity, and accuracy of your transactions while maintaining legal and regulatory standards.

Offer an Unrivaled User Experience

Discover how converting manual, time-consuming jobs into dynamic, automated solutions is the easiest way to satisfy your customers – and their customers.


Who Should Read This Book

ron-persona Business Leaders

Business leaders who want to bring convenience, flexibility, and greater security to their company.

ron-persona IT Specialists

IT specialists eager to streamline processes while reducing fraud through transparency and trust.

ron-persona Operations Managers

Operations managers curious about how digital can spur innovation and deliver a better product.

ron-persona Legal Professionals

Legal professionals required to ensure compliance with industry and government regulations.

ron-persona HR Representatives

HR representatives bogged down by paper employment documents, on-boarding, and payroll.

ron-persona Financial Managers

Financial managers seeking to maximize their bottom-dollar without increasing headcount.

"Technology has fundamentally changed two things: the dynamics of the markets in which you operate and the speed needed to remain competitive."

Forrester Research, Inc.
"Digital Transforms the Game of Business," 2015

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