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The Instant Mortgage: How to Achieve Better Closings, Entirely Online.

Consumers today expect real-time, Amazon-like experiences, home buying included. In this new ebook, learn how to turn the average 46-day closing into an "instant" mortgage, where loans are funded in just hours, so you can deliver better, faster, more cost-effective closings.

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What You'll Learn

Introduction to Instant Closings

Soon enough, the 46-day closing will be history. See how closing in just days means huge cost savings and a better borrower experience.

Real-Life Case Studies

Discover how one lender closed and funded a loan in less than 2 hours using a fully online mortgage process, making the "instant" mortgage a reality.

How to Go Digital

How lenders, title agents, and real estate professionals are reinventing their workflow, and how you can prepare yourself for the future of home buying.


Who Should Read This Book

ron-persona Lenders

Lenders who are grappling with narrowing profit margins and need a way to decrease costs and differentiate themselves against the competition.

ron-persona Realtors

Real estate agents who want provide a top-notch customer service by offering clients the availability to close how they want, when they want.

ron-persona Underwriters

Underwriters who desire an expedited review process without sacrificing certainty.

ron-persona Title Agents & Escrow Officers

Title agents who want technology that ensures accuracy, promotes greater volume, and empowers them to compete in a changing mortgage landscape.

ron-persona Brokers

Real estate brokers who want to understand cutting-edge technologies to market a distinct competitive industry advantage.

ron-persona Secondary Investors

Secondary investors who crave opportunities to gain efficiencies while mitigating risk.

"Customers are looking for an expedited mortgage process that’s like Amazon. If you can’t deliver that, they’re going to find somebody who can."

- Teresa Blake, Managing Director, KPMG

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