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The Complete Guide to Remote Online Notarization

How New Laws, Technologies, and Consumer Demand Are Reshaping the Notarial Act and the Future of Trust in the Digital Age.

The #1 source on remote online notarization (RON), this book contains everything you need to need to know. Available now. Get your FREE copy below. 👇

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See What's Inside

  • How it works: How the notarial act has moved to audio/visual technology and what makes it different.
  • The security and validity of RON: Learn about Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), Credential Analysis, and the ID verification process.
  • The state of RON: Which states have passed RON legislation, which states will come online in 2021, and the important role of interstate recognition.
  • How RON effects notaries, businesses, legislators, consumers, and the American economy, and why you should consider adopting RON today.
  • Why RON is the future of identity proofing in the digital age and how it helps prevent fraud and improve data privacy.
  • A glossary of important terms plus a helpful FAQ guide.

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What People are Saying

“Remote online notarization allows a notary to notarize documents remotely over the internet via tamper-evident digital tools, sophisticated fraud prevention technologies and live audio-video conferencing. This technology has already been accepted as an alternative to traditional in-person notarization in several states, and we anticipate seeing further uptick in 2019.”

Mark-FlemmingMark Fleming

SVP, Chief Economist

Being an electronic notary fits perfectly into my lifestyle; I can spend more time with family and work from the comfort of my home. I love that I was able to take my existing skill set and enhance it with this new technology and help people during major life momentsfrom anywhere and at anytime.”

SheilaJonesShelia Jones

Commissioned Notary


"We were looking to send mobile notaries to the homes to make the notarization process easier, and discovered it could be done entirely online with remote online notarization."

Allison BCUAllison Yaney

Supervisor of Consumer Loan
Servicing and Consumer Titles
Baxter Credit Union logo


"The people buying and selling homes love the convenience of remote online notarization. We've hosted closings across three continents via mobile phones because of this technology. Online notarization is another step in making real estate markets more liquid, so it's easier for people to move to better neighborhoods, better job prospects, and a better life."


Glenn Kelman


"The ability to electronically complete the mortgage process through digital notarization represents one of the key remaining impediments to the digital process and offers additional borrower convenience and satisfaction if executed seamlessly versus a paper-based closing."


Steven Mnuchin





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Meet the Creators


Written by

Andrew MacDougall

Andrew MacDougall is the Editor and Content Strategist at Notarize - the most trusted platform for signing and notarizing documents online - where he writes about the intersection of technology, accessibility, and digital trust.

Before joining Notarize, Andrew led communication efforts on behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation and reported for The Boston Globe.

Andrew has a B.A. in Journalism from Northeastern University.


Edited by

Michael Chodos

SVP and General Counsel at Notarize, as well as a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation.

Michael previously served as the head of the Office of Entrepreneurial Development in the U.S. Small Business Administration under President Barack Obama. He also served the Administration as the SBA’s Deputy General Counsel.

Michael earned his J.D. from Stanford University Law School.


Who Should Read this Book

ron-persona Real Estate Professionals

Differentiate your business by employing a technology that brings convenience, flexibility, and greater security to real estate transactions.

ron-persona Banks and Credit Unions

You know customer service means everything. Learn about technologies that streamline your operations and bring ease and convenience to members of your community.

ron-persona Legal Professionals

Review the laws and legislation that allow remote online notarization to span nationwide.


ron-persona Business Leaders

Discover how remote online notarization platforms can simplify your transaction management processes and shorten your cycle time by days.

ron-persona State and Local Officials

Learn about the cutting-edge technologies that will benefit members of your community. Stay the course with a nationwide legislative movement.

ron-persona County Recorders

Learn about the benefits of the electronic records and how to recognize valid e-notarized documents.


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