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Simpler, Smarter, Safer Closings

Thousands of title agents rely on the Notarize Platform each day to collaborate with partners and offer online closings – anywhere, anytime.


Simplify Processes

Save time and streamline the closing process by working in a single platform.


Mutliple Signed Documents

Avoid Duplicate Work

Eliminate the need to fill out the same information in multiple platforms.



Increase Accuracy

Fewer clicks and typing equals a decrease in risk of human errors.



Access Notarize directly from paymints.io

Our click-through demo shows how paymints.io users can determine eligibility and initiate an online closing with Notarize in minutes – without the hassle of re-entering order information.
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Resources for
Title Agents

As the leader in online closings, we're here to help you on your digital journey.


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