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Your Personal Information - Your choice. 


At Notarize we value your privacy and your right to control how your data is used.  We strive to protect the rights, freedoms and dignity of all those who entrust us with their personal information.  We recognize our responsibility to keep your personal information safe and secure, and to honor your privacy requests.  

Please let us know your preferences.  You may also submit your privacy requests to us by emailing privacy@notarize.com.  

Please be sure to take a look at our Privacy Policy for useful information about your data privacy and security and for details about the kinds of data privacy requests you can make and how we will process them.   


Requesting Your Personal Information from Notarize

The law requires us to take certain steps to validate the identity of each requestor.  This is to prevent malicious parties from affecting your personal information by pretending to be you.  We will request the information reasonably necessary to protect your data and to ensure each request is legitimate.  

Also, Notarize will retain certain personal information collected about you as required by law or other similar valid reason.  We will tell you about any applicable exceptions in response to any deletion request.

There are two other requests you can make to us regarding your personal information.  Please indicate which request you would like to make: