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Notarize for Real Estate Closings

Powering the next generation of homebuying

More than 10 million homes are expected to be bought and sold entirely online by 2021. Notarize is the #1 platform that helps anyone buy, sell, or finance their home online. 

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With Notarize, you can give borrowers the tools they need to close on their own terms: fully online or high-tech and high touch with a loan originator in person. 


Here's the difference between a Fully Online Closing and a Hybrid Closing.


Online Closings

Once the signer receives the closing package from a title company or lender, they can sign and notarize everything entirely online. Here are the four main steps of an online closing.

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Signers receive closing package   Signers Validate their Identity   Signers meet with notary via webcam for online closing   Title and Lender Receives completed docs



Hybrid Closings

The main difference between a Hybrid Closing and Online Closing is that the notarization happens in-person. The signer can eSign part of the closing package ahead of the closing, but ultimately, the closing and notarization still happens in paper and in person.

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Signers receive closing package   Signers eSign part of the closing package   Closing happens in-person   280+ pages of paper are stored

How it's legal


As of May 2019, more than 20 states passed bills on remote online notarization, but nearly 40 states have completed at least one fully digital remote closing. How is this possible?

Simply put, you only need two things for an online closing to occur: An underwriter who will insure the transaction and county clerk that will accept the eRecordings.

For Hybrid closings, it is legal nationwide, because the closing is still occurring in person. Signers receive the documents ahead of the closing meeting, can electronically sign documents that do not need to be done in front of a notary or closing agent, and then the closing is done in person. Because it's still a paper closing, you do not need to worry about eRecording counties, or broader acceptance issues.

With Notarize, you can close fully online in states that permit it, and in-person if you so choose. We've built our platform to give you total control, to deliver the best experience possible for homebuyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources can I share with signers?

Here are the most common resources that title agents share with signers:

What’s the difference between fully online and a “hybrid” closing?

A fully online closing is a closing when all the documents are eSigned and the notarization is completed via webcam. Online closings are approved in 38 states. This process is done completely inside the Notarize platform.

A hybrid closing is a closing when a portion of the documents are eSigned and a portion of the documents are notarized in-person with a notary or closing agent. These are approved in all 50 states.

I have technical questions about the software. Who can help me?

Visit our Support Center for how-to article and a chat with our Support Team.
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