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The Title Agent Guide to Remote Online Notarization

How Remote Online Notarization Allows Your Clients to Buy and Sell Homes from Anywhere in the World


This book is the #1 source on remote online notarization (RON) and contains everything you need to know about how RON impacts the title industry. Get your FREE copy below. 👇

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What You'll Learn

The Ins and Outs of Remote Online Notarization

Your customers want to close on their terms. Learn about RON, how it works, and why it offers a simpler, more secure solution than a traditional notarization.

The Role RON Plays in Fraud Prevention

Real estate fraud grew 1,100% between 2015 and 2017. Learn why adopting RON is the easiest way to fight fraud and protect your customers' life savings.

How to Close Online in a State Without a RON Bill

Your state doesn't need to pass a RON bill for you to close online. Title agents can do cash and seller-side transactions today with two simple steps.


Who Should Read This Book

ron-persona Title Companies

Title companies that want to simplify their transaction management processes and shorten cycle time by days.

ron-persona Escrow Officers

Escrow officers who want to streamline document preparation, safeguard wire transactions, and notarize online.



ron-persona Closing Agents

Closing agents and other frontline employees who want to meet changing customer expectations.

ron-persona Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals looking for solutions that bring convenience, flexibility, and greater security to real estate transactions.

"This isn’t just great for borrowers: it benefits our post-closing experience. Fundings went from an hour to 10 minutes or less, which means that homebuyers can get the keys to their homes faster.”"


Kelley Cooper Spencer,
Senior Closing and Funding Manager, Thrive Mortgage

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